Time Machine

I had lots of fun coming up with symbolic shapes for the classic H.G. Wells story. Man, I want to sit in a giant metal egg and travel through time!

Back to Poe

 Some sketches of Usher's sister.

Thanks a Whole Lot!!

 Hey guys! Jon and I have reached the half way goal on our Kickstarter campaign. We're incredibly grateful to all of those who have helped out by donating and spreading the word about a lil' blue reindeer boy. Let's continue to work towards making the music of our senior film a reality! 


In the Works...

Long time no post. No more of that! This is a teaser of much more art that will be coming soon. :)

Also my friend and thesis partner Jon Upton and I are holding a to raise money for the musical score of our senior film. I would be incredibly grateful if you could help out and spread the word. :)


Have a great day!


Hey guys!

I need to raise some money to help pay for the composer of my senior film.

Commissions are available at $5 a drawing! $10 a colored drawing!

Browse my blog and choose your medium.

Help a buddy out! And if you can't, kindly pass the message along! 

Contact me at: faulkner.christina@gmail.com


Drawing Parties Sure Are Fun

It's a hobo with a birdcage, or something!